Approving a Facebook Post on the Mobile App

A guide on how to approve and publish a Facebook Post using our Mobile App, Yip Yip Inc.

Facebook requires users to approve social posts before they are posted to their social channels. Yip Yip offers a mobile app so you can receive push notifications when you need to post on social media.

Our app, available on Google Play and the App Store, allows users to approve their social posts on-the-go. The images below are taken from an iPhone, however an Android user will have the exact same user experience.


iOS users: Click here to download the Yip Yip mobile app for Apple

Android Users: Click here to download the Yip Yip mobile app for Android.

Step 1: When your admin creates a new post, your will receive a notification letting you know there is a social post awaiting approval. Click the notification.

Step 2: This will open the Yip Yip Mobile app. Click, “Approve Social Post (Facebook).”

Step 3: From here, you have the option to approve or reject the post. To publish the post, click, “Approve Post.”

Step 4: This will prompt a pop-up reminder that you must paste the caption into Facebook. Push, “Okay.”

Step 5: This will open a Facebook window. If you wish to use the text written for you, press and hold to open up your options menu. Select, “Paste.” If you wish to write your own text, add it now. After the text has been added. Press, “Post.” Your post has now been uploaded to Facebook!