Approving a Facebook Post on Desktop

Here is a guide on how to approve a Facebook Post on a computer.

Yip Yip also offers an email notification for users that are unable to use the mobile app. Here are the directions for approving a post through email notifications.

Step 1: When a new post is ready to go out to Facebook, you will receive an email letting you know that the post is available for approval. Click on, “Click Here”

Step 2: This will open up the Yip Yip platform. From here, you can either choose to post to Facebook or reject the post. If you want to publish the post, click the blue, “Post to Facebook” button.

Step 3: Click, “OK!”

Step 4: Be sure to allow pop-ups so that you can be taken over to the Facebook platform. Click, “Done.”

Step 5: This will open up your post in Facebook. To use the caption provided for you, right-click (if you are using a PC) or double-click (if you are using a Mac) and select, “Paste.” If you would prefer to write your own caption, add it now.

Step 6: Now that a caption has been added, click, “Post to Facebook.” This will upload your post!