How do I setup my custom domain?

If you already own a domain (url) and you would like to use it for your site hosted with our service.

There are only three steps to build a site and point your DNS at your new site:

  1. Confirm or purchase the Domain you would like to use.
  2. Configure your DNS to point to our platform
  3. Build a Site on our Platform

Confirm or purchase the Domain you would like to use.

The first step requires finding a Domain Registration to purchase your domain or confirm that you have control of the domain you are building on. This could be a service like:

  • DNSimple
  • DNS Made Easy
  • Point DNS
  • ClouldFlare
  • etc

Configure your DNS to point to our platform

This step can seem daunting, but it is really very straight forward and simple.

When a site is created in our system we assign it that URL. The internet or users will not be able to access it until you have directed traffic from the DNS provider which manages your domain.

The preferred way to setup your DNS with our system is with a CNAME record with a target of our dis platform of

Consult your DNS provider’s documentation for specific instructions on creating CNAME records, but typically your setup would be something like this if you have a domain like


If you have a domain where you would be point multiple sub domains (the part before the domain) at our service. For example you want to point or, or any other subdomain you would set a wildcard with a * for the CNAME record. It would look something like this:


Just remember that means all traffic not assigned somewhere else would flow to our platform. So if you would rather control domain names just setup CNAMES as you need them in the first example. Most organizations prefer the ease of using a wildcard and let users choose and build their own sites quickly.

What about if you are setting up a root domain?

A root domain would be something like this:

Many DNS providers have ANAME record or something called an ALIAS record which let you point your root url at our url. Here are some examples of popular services and how to setup root domains to urls.

If you are on a service that simply will not permit you to use a url with a root domain please contact us for further assistance. In those very rare cases we can provide you with an IP address for one of our servers. Before proceeding to that step please read the following about why using our DNS url is preferable.

The reason our DNS setup is best for you and your site visitors

By default, a site on our platform is available on multiple servers in multiple regions of the world. We have set it up this way to be able to provide a highly available and responsive site. We let the infrastructure handle the traffic and provide a better user experiences for your site visitors.

In the unlikely event that a server goes down which can happen from time to time traffic is no longer directed to that downed server. If your traffic is pointed at an IP address it is pointed at a single server or version of your site. This can lead to a bottleneck in traffic and slowdowns for your end user.

We cannot guarantee the same quality of service if you are using one of our IP addresses. Some DNS providers will unfortunately only offer A records for root domains. These records have serious availability implications when used in environments such as on-premise data-centers, cloud infrastructure services, and platforms like ours.

Build a Site on our Platform

Once you have confirmed you control the DNS settings and pointed the URL at our platform you can start building a site or multiple sites in our system at that domain. Just follow the steps and directions in the site create wizard.