How can I invite my team to create their account?

How can you invite your team to become Users for your Organization's account and therefore become a social ambassador, Influencer, or Producer?

There are 2 ways that you can invite your team members to create their Yip Yip account.

Send an Invite Email from the Yip Yip system

First, you can Invite them from your Organization Admin Account, Select Accounts, then Select the "Users" category. In the upper right corner of your screen select "+" with the words "Create New"

New User Screen

On the next screen, complete the fields for the New Users first name, last name and email address. Press "Send Invitation."

Invite New user
An email is sent to the New User inviting them to create a Yip Yip account within your Organization. After the accept the account, create their password and connect their social accounts, any Organization Admin can then assign them to one or more Groups (if applicable).
Invite Via Custom Signup Link
Every Organization has unique urls for their team members to use to create their accounts. To access your unique URLs and share them with your team, you need to access your Organization Account Settings. To access it, select "Accounts" from the top menu and then select "Organization" from the 3 columns account-type options. See image below.
Org Screen

When you Click your Organization Name, you will access the Organization setting screen. See your unique signup URLs in the image below. If you have more than 1 type of service with Yip Yip, you will have multiple signup URLS. Be certain to select the correct URL. Use the "Copy" icon to automatically copy the URL to your clipboard. Embed that URL in emails, landing pages or any other way that you want to share it with your team.

Org Setting Details

You are all set. If you have any specific questions, please use our Knowledge Base to search for answers, use our embedded Help Chat tool in the lower right corner or our app or contact your personal Customer Success Representative directly. Thank you.